Travel through the land of swamps, lakes and rivers…

Lake Mainitz… This high-mountainous lake of tectonic origin is located at the northern spurs of the Mainopylginsky ridge of the Koryak Upland. The name comes from the Chukchi Mainygytgyn – “the big lake”.

Depth is 120 meters, area is 60 sq. km. The waters of the lake are home to a huge number of fish – char, malma, grayling, burbot, chir, whitefish. In the summer, Mainitz becomes one giant spawning ground for sockeye salmon. The shores and foothills of the nearby mountains, overgrown with cedar-elfin forests and alder forests, are the real kingdom of the brown bear.

“Maybe we should try going to Mainitz …” – Oleg suddenly suggested.

Perhaps, with these words, our expedition to Lake Mainitz began. And although we had previously planned a trip to a completely different place in August, but after thinking about it, we agreed that it might be worth trying to get to the lake right now.

The difficulty of the expedition was that in summer the road to Mainitz is traditionally considered accessible only for tracked vehicles. 200 km of swamps, a crossing over three rivers, a huge number of streams and ubiquitous hummocks… But having estimated that this abnormally hot and dry summer in Chukotka should make certain adjustments in our favor, we begin to get ready for the journey…

At that time, we did not even imagine how wrong we were. Looking ahead, we can say that it was our hardest expedition…

Under the critical reasoning of friends and acquaintances about the impossibility of this trip, the packing began. Initially, we planned our trip will last 10 days. Three days there, three days back, three days on the lake itself and one optional day just in case. We had Yamaha Grizzly 700, Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki BruteForce 750, Kawasaki Teryx with us. Four drivers and one lady passenger.

Considering the complexity of the route, we loaded the fuel to the maximum — in addition to refueling we took another 530 liters. Weapons, tents, food, cylinders for crossing, warm clothes… Looking at the equipment stuffed to the top and rammed from all sides, we sigh with sadness — how can it, the poor fellow, still be able to go?

Day one

So, let’s get started. The weather is beautiful. The first stop in 25 km is Dionysius Hill. At this point the road ends but the path begins. Refueling to the top. A short goodbye to our accompanying and moving forward – towards the tundra and adventures.


At the very foot of the hill there is a teenage camp “School of Travels”. The inhabitants were found at the time of gathering – the camp is being closed, as bears were seen in the area.


Heading forward – to Bald ridges.


Well, that’s a start… First Teryx bottomed out, and then Rhino, too. While still having fun and laughing, we pull them out with our ATV’s and continue to move forward.


Slowly we crawled up to Bald, we climb on them and cheerfully roll along the dry road packed with off-road vehicles, rejoicing at the last good part of the path.


A bit unpleasant and unforeseen stop. The variator belt on Teryx kicked the bucket. After spending about two hours trying to rescue it (how uncomfortable everything is there), we move on.



We climb off the Bald ridges and cut across the tundra towards the gas station. These stations are not inhabited, located along a gas pipe buried in the tundra, can be found every 20 km to the Zapadno-Ozernoye gas and oil condensate field, popularly nicknamed “Zero”.

“Zero” is located one hundred kilometers from Anadyr.

In the stuck-pull-pull mode, we reach the substation and get on an all-terrain road. It should be said right away that an all-terrain road is not a road in the literal sense of the word, but a dug, smeared, skewed track among swamps and bumps. But moving along it, in some places, is much easier than just along the tundra.





Freaking out from the fuel consumption and dealing with a cable, we crawl to the next gas substation.



The road splits here. One part goes straight, and the other takes it to the right. After a little consultation and arguing, we nevertheless chose a straight road. After driving along it to the nearest lake, we stopped for the night. The lake, as if to justify its name – Gray (Seraya), is filled with some gray-brown slime instead of water, clearly not suitable for drinking.

We set up tents. Tormented by thirst, after dividing the remaining water taken from the city and having a snack, we fall to sleep.

Mileage – 77 km. Travel time – 12 hours.



Day two

We get up at 6 o’clock in the morning. We quickly break the camp, have breakfast and then go back on the road.

Still being cheerful we roll along the all-terrain track. With acceleration we fly into the swamp and crawl forward. The Swamp Marsh begins. Probing the road with ATVs, with a snail’s speed, trying to choose at least some solid places, we move forward.




Okay, here we go… If the quads can still crawl, the UTVs sat down tightly. Trying to pull them with two ATVs, we mixed everything around so much that we packed the Quads as well. Okay, now we’re all stuck… In the eyes of the comrades I see melancholy and hopelessness.

This is no longer a laughing matter.

Having gathered the courage, somehow, the four of us, at an unthinkable angle, anchored by a winch behind the Rhino, pull out the Grizzly. Then BruteForce. Then the rest of the quads. Turning around and slightly stretching back, we try to go forward and sideways. The quads at extremely low speed roll forward, crawling on their bellies, have still found a way. In a bundle, on long cables, dragging UTV, we crawl forward. It was funny to see how the wave-like vibrations of the moss diverge by ten meters from the equipment crawling on the quicksand soft as a feather bed… After a few hours, just hours, not kilometers, we started to come across the first hard hummocks, which we were happy about as children.

After some more time, we break out of the sticky embrace of the Swamp with a load howl!

Turning back and observing the squelching, torn bends of our tracks, we conclude – yeah, that was damn tough! Almost no photographs were taken, really, there was no time…

After that, already being in the city, our friends who also drive ATV’s, shocked from our story, unanimously repeated – “Why did you get there? It’s impossible to ride in the summer… you could leave the equipment there completely… we only go there in the spring until the swamp thawed…”

We reached the Gechmytkukuul river without incident, except for the disassembly of the wheel on the Teryx.



We set up camp, have dinner, and pass out…

Mileage – 22 km; Travel time – 13 hours.


Day three

In the morning, we barely crawl out of our sleeping bags. Yesterday’s “fitness” affects. Plus, at night, a small, curious bear fumbled through the bushes near the tents. We were so exhausted during the day, that we simply did not have the strength to get out and get out of the tent to scare him, but he didn’t exacerbate the situation…

The weather is crappy. Dull. Drizzle at times turns into rain.

We decide to stop for a day, there is no desire to climb out of the tents in such weather, and we need to find a place to cross, and of course have a little rest.


We did a little fishing. A small pike was sluggishly caught.



All day we eat and do nothing.



In the evening, the rain subsided and the guys together on one Quadra, in order to save fuel, went to look for a crossing.

Found, measured, reported… In General, it turns out that the all-terrain crossing is too deep, the exit from it is too steep, there should be a Ford about thirteen kilometers upstream, but the road is full of shit, the quads will pass, UTV is questionable.

In the evening, we refuel, prepare equipment and go back to sleep with the hope of good weather.

Mileage – 0; Travel time – 0.

Day four

We get up early. It’s cloudy, but no rain. Plans for today are to cross the rivers Gechmytkukuul, Avtatkuul and walk to the crossing of the river Nygchekveyem. Our landmark is the Burning tower, and behind it, in fact, is this river, along which the old prospector road leading to the ferry should be located.

We get ready and go.


The road is really full of shit. An old track cut by swampy streams and ravines overgrown with tall, dense grass.




Somehow, we scraped ourselves to the ford of Gechmytkukuul. But the water is knee-deep and it really pleases us!


After jumping the river, and standing on an all-terrain track, we ride further. Although ride is too strong of a word, rather, we trudge, shaking and vibrating as the four crippled.



After a little time, it becomes clear that today it is impossible to reach the Nygchekveyem. We adjust plans to reach at least to Avtatkuul.

We crawl forward on the belly. Exhausted by the swamps, we try to move by jumping from hill to hill, but here a new surprise awaits us. The hills are covered with high grass, higher than the wings of the Quad, and are pitted with deep ravines. Quads moving in the front, falling to the left, to the right, like tumblers, howling at a reduced speed, with difficulty pave the way. By the end of the day, the very sight of this grass is already starting to cause a nervous tic.


At eight o’clock in the evening, exhausted to the end, realizing that we will not reach Avtatkuul today either, we set up a camp on the bank of the nameless channel. On the horizon, not even closer than it was before, our landmark sticks out mockingly.

Burning tower… May you burn again, you bastard!

We count the fuel with sadness. If it goes on like this, it may not be enough for the return trip. In frustrated feelings, we drink some whiskey, and fall asleep…

Mileage – 51 km; Travel time – 12 hours.


Day five

The morning made us happy with sunny weather. It’s so warm. Even hot! We have a quick breakfast and move out.

The notorious landmark looms ahead. We’ll get to you, you bastard…


Finally, we reach Avtatkuul. Poking from one side to another along the river, we find an acceptable place to cross. First, we drag the quads, then UTV. Apart from the flooded variators on the UTV, the crossing went without losses. Upon returning to the city, it will be necessary to conduct a total service of equipment.



We dry ourselves and reluctantly cut through, a clearing in the bank overgrown with alder trees.



We squelch further, to Burning tower. Here it seems to be just around the corner… And at the entrance we again fly into another swamp …

Oh, what the…!

Crawling out of another swamp, we cursed everything in the world… Well, at least the swamp was not big — about a kilometer.



With difficulty, we find the right road and drive on, forward. As a matter of fact, nothing remained of the road. Only the direction.

After hobbling along it for several kilometers, we camp for the night on the edge of a thicket of cedar wood.

Yes… Fuel is melting disastrously. We are practically at the point of no return. We call up relatives and friends. It turns out that in the next few days an all-terrain vehicle will go to Zero (Zapadno-Ozernoye field) with a change of gas workers. It is quite possible that with them it will be possible to transfer fuel to us. I will call to clarify the situation in the morning.

We fall asleep full of hope.


Mileage – 18 km; Travel time – 11 hours.

Day six

Morning. Yes, something strange is happening this year in Chukotka… It’s been a long time since there was such a summer. Seven in the morning, and the temperature feels more than twenty degrees. Basking in the sun, we’re waiting for an acceptable time to call.



We are calling. After receiving confirmation of the fuel drop, we quickly pack up and move on.

We’re moving very slow but steady.


We drive along the Nygchekveyem river, keeping to the remains of the old road.IMG_8029

The landscape is gradually changing – instead of swampy and hummocky tundra, thickets of dwarf cedar, alder and arctic willow began to appear.


Here and there, on the banks of the river, we see bears. We saw about twelve of them during the day. But all these shaggy brothers clearly do not want to pose for a photo — when they hear the sounds of engines, they quickly get lost in the folds of the terrain.

So here it is the river Nygchekveyem.




We get to the crossing. We start measuring the depths.

It is deep under the opposite shore, but in principle it is tolerable.

The situation is complicated by a strong current – it is dangerous, but an attempt to raft to the opposite spit is quite possible.


Together we decide to look for another crossing. According to the information we have, we know that there was a shallow ford about two kilometers upstream once, very-very long ago. Let’s go find it. Barely noticeable all-terrain track dives into the thicket of elfin wood. We also crawl into this wilderness…



We push through ravines and cedars. All attention to the barely noticeable all-terrain tracks…

Here the leading quad literally stuck into a hefty bear with a smaller baby bear, standing on its hind legs. Silent scene… Silent from the fact that the carbine is in a case and tied behind… The situation was shattered by a small bear that gave a run. After a little hesitation, sniffing, the mama bear followed him. “Wow, that was weird” – I hang a carbine on my chest and send the cartridge. Glistening with trunks and giving a heart-rending honking, we continue to sail along the sea of ​​elfin wood. Every now and then we see the furry withers and backs of the retreating enemies flashing in the thicket.

After driving four kilometers and finally losing the road, the crossing was never found.



We return back.

Let’s try again. The current is certainly strong, literally knocking us down.

But it is still possible to cross, the question is, how can we cross back against the current…? It is simply not possible to do this here. It will blow away in an instant, and we won’t have time to tell a word. The search for the ford to the other side can drag on until the Chinese Easter. Tired and nervous, we’re all argued on this basis. Still not deciding what to do, and dissatisfied with each other, we leave the question hanging in the air. Everyone went about their own business.

Such graylings live in Nygchekveyem.


And that’s what comes out of them.


And the Kenkeren ridge is almost a stone’s throw away…


It is getting dark… Silently sitting by the fire… And suddenly we hear the roar and clang of an approaching all-terrain vehicle.

How small the world is! Of the two people who arrived in the all-terrain vehicle, one is a classmate of one of us, the other is a good friend. Guys, together wash gold on Kenkeren. We drink tea, and talk.

The guys promise to show the road, on the other side, to another crossing, where rafting is possible from the other side.

They’ll even give us a can of gasoline!

Already before going to bed, we observe an unusual phenomenon. Two large bright stars appear near the moon and disappear after a while. Having speculated a little about the fact that we are not alone in the universe, we go to sleep. What a long day!

Mileage – 42; Travel time – 10 hours.



Day seven

In the morning, we get up at 4 o’clock. Can’t sleep… In the end, we sort things out, dot the i’s and, having made peace, begin to prepare for the crossing.



The guys promise to help and we, so as not to bother with cylinders, gladly agree. Hooking one quad and one UTV on the cable to the all-terrain vehicle, in two passes we cross to the other side. Saying goodbye, the guys leave. As usual we drain the water and dry the variators…


After drying, we pull further. The road, and not its pathetic ghost, is excellent. It is rolled by all-terrain vehicles on dry hills overgrown with plantain. There are swamps in the lowlands, but that’s nothing compared to the ones we’ve crawled through in the last six days.

We jump out of the hills and bushes and…

This really is the Road! Highway! Finally, we can go faster than five kilometers per hour!

With a howl of joy, the tech leap forward…

We go there, beyond the mountains…


We approach the abandoned Canadian base “Golden Kenkeren”.

Once in 2000, Canadians conducted geological exploration in these places. We don’t know what they were trying to do here, but they turned the company down. At first, they tried to sell the base, and then they simply abandoned the campaign. Now there is devastation and despondency.



Once upon a time, in the old days, prospectors used to go to the wash by Mercedes’s.


We go further and enter a long gorge, which ends with the Pass-Through.




The Pass-Through. Such a beauty!


We slide down from the pass and happily buzz on. We’ll reach Mainitz soon.


The road splits to the left and goes to the abandoned village of Kenkeren, and we go to the right-to the lake. It is immediately clear that in the summer, few people come here and therefore nature begins to take its imperiously. The road is completely overgrown with alder bushes in places, sometimes you even have to jump off it on the tundra and avoid this riot of vegetation.

The weather is excellent. It’s so hot. And the smells! The resinous aroma of dwarf cedar, heated in the sun, is mixed with the tart smell of alder, and is set off by subtle nuances of various tundra flowers… Wow, I’m such a poet! Words can’t convey it, you have to feel it yourself…!

By We drive up to the lake for lunch. Finally! Here it is — the lake of Mainitz…


And such…


And like this…


And here’s another one…


Well, what can I say…


We stop at two baloks on the lake shore.


We have lunch. We go to explore the surroundings. The weather is really going crazy. Warmth, when still in Chukotka, wearing t-shirts… At times, when the sky is clear, short warm showers fall, so unlike the usual tedious and gray Chukchi rains. We swim and dive in the lake.

The water is cold, but still – such a thrill!

Tired and warmed by the sun, we fall asleep. First night under the roof in the last six days…

Mileage – 48 km; Travel time – 5 hours.

Day eight

We get up early, already out of habit. Although there is no hurry today. The weather is wonderful. With sadness, we decide — today, slowly, we must move back. It is a pity, of course, that having come all this way, we did not really live on the lake.

But what to do — everyone has a job, and a bunch of other reasons. The expedition has already been delayed, but we still have to go back…

We still need to drop in to the miners, to the Kenkeren mine, but in order not to distract the guys from washing, we decide to leave after lunch.

In the meantime, we enjoy your vacation. We lower one of the boats lying near the balok, and set sail by oars.

The water is clear, deep, but it seems that under the bottom of the boat is not more than a meter.



Having crossed a small creek, we go for a walk along the coastal strip, stopping in places to spin. Everywhere in the water is seen a spawning sockeye salmon in a red breeding outfit. By the way, we didn’t catch anything. Sockeye salmon did not take the bait, and to catch other fish, it was necessary to go to the pits, for which there was no time left.


Photo taken before departure. Goodbye Mainitz!


Mine Of Kankeren.




We meet with the guys. On the map, they show us the way back, with a stop at Zero. We mark landmarks for ourselves. The guys gave us sugar, we have already run out of our own, by the way, and the tea is already running out. In the tundra, these two products will be more important than bread. After saying a warm goodbye, we leave.

Admiring the landscapes, we quickly roll forward. Our cavalcade, raising a cloud of dust, stretches for five kilometers. At the pass, Kawasaki starts to overheat.


We drive up to the Canadian base and stop for the night in two residential baloks next door.

The night is still young so we decide to go to the poplar grove.

These are the oases in the middle of the tundra




It’s getting late. After admiring the scenery and having dinner we go to bed…

Mileage – 25 km; Travel time – 3 hours.


Day nine

Morning. We have breakfast.


Ah, the weather definitely spoils us. We pack up and move forward to the crossing through Nygchekveyem.

We drive along the road to the turn we need and jump off onto a barely noticeable trail in the cedar forest.

Again, the track brakes in the swamp, between the mounds overgrown with cedar wood.

Having made our way through the jungle, we jump out to the crossing. Wide, deep, but moderately, generally tolerable.

The current is strong, but goes in the direction we need, right on a long sandy spit.

Having trampled a path in the wading, we begin the crossing. We do not inflate the cylinders, but on the contrary, we decide to load the equipment so that it is less demolished. BruteForce with snorkels jumped easily, but Grizzly spun and was dragged with the current. The engine did not seize water, and this is the main thing. I scrubbed myself. The UTVs crawled to the middle by themselves, and then were pulled out by quads by the ropes. No, we really need to conduct a service… After drying out, we go further, along the road, punched in the elfin wood.




After a while, we drive up to this building.


This cottage belongs to a former head of one of the offices in Anadyr. On the local site for a long time hung an ad about its sale… The house is locked. But, not far from it there is a balok and a bathhouse whose owner is Volodya, our friend prospector.


We don’t have to rush anywhere — the fuel supplies should arrive at Zero for us only tomorrow evening. No one wants to stay at Zero, so we decide to stay here until tomorrow.

Let’s go fishing. The food is already on the hook, we need to get our daily bread. In the main stream, the grayling takes on the current, and small backwaters are literally clogged with pike. In one, no more than five meters wide and fifteen meters long, we counted 30 pieces. The water is clear and casting a spinner you can observe as it is simultaneously attacked by 5-7 pikes at the same time.



No trophy, but it’s nice to hold on a spinning rod



It gets hot. We undress and go naked into the river. It’s really something unusual for Chukotka!

In the evening, we go to the bath, eat fried pike bellies, drink tea with sugar and enjoy ourselves…

Mileage – 35 km; Travel time – 4 hours.

Day ten

The morning comes. We quickly pack, and the trumpet calls forward! Heading to Zero.

Two days of idleness make themselves felt – everything seems so hard…

Right behind the balok we hoot into the swamp, periodically crawling out of it onto the hills overgrown with dumpy and knotty elfin trees. Broken and distorted by all-terrain vehicles, cedar thickets stick out menacingly with sharp peaks… How the anthers did not break and the radiators were not proportioned, hell knows…


Teryx is boiling. The radiator is completely stuffed with Ivan-tea and cotton-grass fluff. We clean the radiator as much as possible by blowing it with a pump.




The usual tundra covered with hummocks begins.



Zero looms on the horizon. We call the city again.

We hear words full of optimism – “everything is fine, fuel should be on the way, we agreed with the authorities of the gas workers, they will meet you, settle you in, feed, warm you…”. In the evening we crawl to Zero.

Having found out from the people who came to meet us, where the authorities are, we go meet them. In the office we see a citizen who identified himself as a boss, and have this conversation:

– Yeah, they called and warned us, but I have nowhere to settle you, no vacant places, — he began in an excessively aggressive tone.

– There is no need to, we have tents, just show us where we can put them until the all-terrain vehicle arrives.

– You can’t stay here, go to the helipad. Oh, and by the way we have a bear walking there, but we can turn on the light around the perimeter for you at night. Dinner for money only. If you are going to eat, pay in advance and notify the kitchen.

A little crazy about the hospitality of a gas worker, we go to a helipad located about a kilometer from the buildings.

No, we certainly did not expect bread and salt, but… I wonder how people who did not come to an agreement with their superiors are met here…

As comrade Bender said – “We are strangers at this celebration of life”.



We set up tents, and two hours later an all-terrain vehicle comes with our fuel. Our tent camp was suddenly visited by the boss himself. But this time he was much more persuasive for us to move into the empty houses “Cedar”. He gave a lot of arguments – the ubiquitous bears, and the warmth and comfort of the premises, and much more. He finished it all in a generally trivial way – what if it was raining. We don’t know what prompted him to take this step, maybe his conscience was awaken, or maybe his higher authorities called again, who knows.

Proudly refusing, we begin to gut the crates of food that were handed over to us along with the fuel. Tea, sugar, cookies, bread … Whoa, lucky us! Lard, instant noodles, canned meat, gas. A bubble of vodka!

The kettle is boiling on gas. The second portion of the noodles is being brewed. We plan the bacon with thick slices, open the stew, crunch with fresh bread and cookies… Today is our great holiday of the belly…

Dazed by food, we crawl into tents, and fall asleep…

Mileage – 55 km; Travel time – 10 hours.

Day eleven

We flock, as always, at dawn. We have a hearty breakfast, the day will be hard. We collect the camp. As if, having waited for this moment, the rain begins to fall, which at one moment turns into a downpour. We drive up to the garages, where an all-terrain vehicle with fuel awaits. Crowded by the barrel, we begin refueling and pumping into canisters. Rain pounding bless you!


The sky is blue, only one cloud is hanging over Zero, generously pouring rain on us.

Refueling is over and we’re back on the road again. Taking a cloud with us along with the rain, we tear the tundra with our technique.

We tear the first two hundred meters, then the tundra begins to tear us…


And again, a swamp, a bump, a hummock, a swamp. The last downpour has seriously complicated our lives. The tundra was instantly saturated with water, the muddy all-terrain tracks resemble a minefield, one wrong step and that’s all – sit down.

A cloud traveling with us periodically makes itself felt, pouring a shower over us. Apparently, so as not to get bored…


Little by little we are approach Gechmytkukuul. We ought to try to turn to our crossing.

Gechmytkukuul 2nd, Willow, Bolotnaya, Vertkaya… Realizing that we get entangled in the loops of these rivers, we decide that it will be easier to swim once on a deep all-terrain crossing than to endlessly tumble and blow bubbles in this channel. We return to the all-terrain road.

Recovering itself, the cloud tensed again and burst into a downpour.

With the last push we are on the crossing. The cloud has died down maliciously…

Hmmm… The track, smeared and slurping with mud and clay, ended in a tangle of willows growing on the steep bank. So, we will not go along the all-terrain descent, we will have to cut a new one.

Task number one is to cross over to the island. Quads are the first to pass, then UTVs. It’s not very deep, the main thing is not to slip – we will suck in…


On the island, we again turn into lumberjacks, we cut through and break out the road parallel to the all-terrain.



Crossing again. Quads, with balloons tied under the muzzle, swim across first. With UTVs it is more difficult – a steep descent does not allow them to descend with cylinders, they have to tie them in the water. Smeared with mud and covered with midges, we accompany the exhausted Teryx to sail.


Our valiant Rhino iron floats behind him.


The time behind the crossing flew by quickly. It’s getting dark already. We dry at a pace. We drive two kilometers to the place of our last parking lot. All for today sabbath! We set up tents. Tired, to the extreme – the crossing drained everything from us, we fenced off with equipment and pulled an awning over it, we have dinner. The familiar cloud tediously takes on its task again…

But this is nothing, we have a sure way to establish comfort in any conditions… It’s vodka.

Falling like pins into tents, we pass out…

Mileage – 65 km; Travel time – 12 hours.

Day twelve

We get up. The weather is nice. It’s sunny and warm. Today we expect to reach Anadyr. We have a hearty breakfast, we will need strength.

With a bitter experience, we immediately take the all-terrain track to the left to leave the Swampy swamp that we love so much to the side. The road is not very good, but compared to the Marshy it’s just an autobahn.


Periodically getting stuck, we lightly move forward. Pulling out Тeryx we broke the cable on the Rhino winch.

Of all the cables taken, only one remained in a more or less acceptable condition, the rest are shreds with a garland of knots. Not cables, but really knotted letters, in which any of these knots kindly reminds us of that swamp where we sat…


Going around the swamp we jump out to the gas substation.

This time BruteForce boils. We remove the plastic, protection, and blow it with a pump. Time for lunch, we decide to have a snack. Our first meal literally eaten on the road in twelve days.


We continue to make our way to the next gas substation. Periodically, every 3-5 kilometers Teryx boils.

We decided not to turn to Bald Ridges, but to go straight to the Dionisius Hill along an all-terrain road.


The weather is starting to turn sour. The weather starts to curl. From time to time it pulls on clouds, which abundantly drench us with short showers.

Damp, wet, uncomfortable, but admiring such a meteorological phenomenon.


Technique is whining from the strain of the, and we are, too. But still we continue to cut through the hummock, swamps and numerous streams.

Well, now it’s not far to Dionysia. Soon, soon we’ll be home…

Quadrocyclists, in joy, begin to fool around. Before we were diligently driving around any swampy place, but now we deliberately swarm into the mud, fervently rumbling engines in front of each other…


Another “titanic” leap, and we are at the foot of the hill. Road!

It’s already dark and cold, and fog is pulling down from the tundra lakes…

We warm up and as they say “rush forward”… We race to city!

Literally fly on the hill Ostantsovo. Anadyr flickers with lights not far away…


We enter civilization. A little dumbfounded by the lights of the night city, the abundance of people and cars, we quietly say goodbye, and leave for the garages. That’s it, the journey is over…

So, finishing the report, I thought. We have written a lot here, it turned out like some kind of heroic epic…

And it seems like the road doesn’t feel so difficult now and there were no insurmountable difficulties whatsoever, and small squabbles generally seem to be nonsense…

But memory prompts a tightly printed mosaic of images. Images that will remain with us for the rest of our lives… This is the splendor of Lake Mainitz, and the harsh beauty of the Kenkeren ridge, and the delicious and aching cold water of the Nygchekveyem River… This is pain in the morning in the back, and trembling hands in the evening, and friendship helping to overcome any difficulties…

And the feeling that we really can…

And for a man, especially a man, this is probably the main thing to know that he can…