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Our team is engaged in the development and organization of fishing, hunting and extreme tours and the organization of active recreation in Chukotka.

All employees of our company were born in Chukotka and still live here. Traveling in our native land is not a hobby, it is our life. Before we started organizing outdoor activities, we tried everything ourselves: ATVs, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, boats… Over the years of travel, we have visited most beautiful and amazing places in Chukotka. On the basis of these expeditions, the tours offered to You were developed.

Together we will plunge into the world of pristine Northern nature, try ourselves in a new role as an Arctic tramp, and feel the charm of brutal expeditions.

Why choose us?

Tours to Chukotka are no longer a dubious adventure for singles. Our company, which offers professional travel services, will make you look at your vacation in a completely new way:

  • well-designed and safe routes;
  • organization of accommodation in a comfortable hotels and apartments;
  • saturation of the tour with interesting and unforgettable events;
  • own fleet of off-road vehicles (ATVs, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicle TRECOL HUSKY);
  • experienced guides;
  • official registration as a tour operator.

The ATV Travel Chukotka company is the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to get acquainted with the beauty of the nature of Chukotka.
Igor Dobrodeev
Director. Accompanying guide (hunting, fishing, ATVs, photo, video)
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